Change the Theme Name

To rename the main theme follow these easy steps:

Renaming your theme will stop its automatic updates, you should do it manually in the future.

  • Go to /wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME and rename it to whatever you want (e.g. NEW)
  • Go to the theme folder /wp-content/themes/NEW and open the style.css file. In the top part of the style.css file you will see the theme name. Rename it and save changes
  • Finally, navigate to  AppearanceThemes from your WordPress admin panel and activate your theme under the new name

If you want to use both parent and child themes with a new name you should make an additional step:

  • Go to the child theme folder /wp-content/themes/NEW-child and open the style.css file
  • Change the parent theme path in the style.css file and save changes
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