Change or Translate Strings of the Theme and Plugins

All our themes is translated ready and it means that you can use WordPress plugins to change/translate UI strings (e.g. Scroll to top, Next Project) for your web project. Let’s get started with choosing the right WordPress plugin for that purpose. We suggest you use LocoTranslate plugin, it’s free and quite intuitive to use.

This method works both for localization your website for any language or just changing the strings with your own ones.

All the strings are placed both in the Theme and Theme Helper Plugin and other plugins. That’s why you have to change/translate some strings in the theme and the other ones in the plugins.

  • From the WordPress dashboard go to PluginsAdd New
  • Search for the Loco Translate plugin
  • And finally install and activate the plugin

After installing the Loco Translate plugin its menu appears on your WordPress admin panel.

  • From the WordPress dashboard go to Loco TranslateThemes/Plugins
  • Choose the theme or a plugin you want to edit
  • And hint the New language link

Now you have to choose the language and the file location from the dropdown menus. As was mentioned previously, this action is required both for localization of your website for any language or just changing the strings with your own ones.

Finally, you should see a list with all the themes/plugins strings and you can start to change/translate strings:

  • Search for the string that you want to change
  • Add your own value for the string
  • And hint the Save button.

If you translate the theme and there are no results, you should try to search for the required string in the plugins (e.g. WooCommerce).

Now you should have your strings changed/translated.

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