Import files into Figma

There are a few different ways to import files into Figma.
The file importer allows you to select local files from your computer and import them to your file browser.
  1. Click the Import file tile in the file browser. You can find this in the top section of any file page in the file browser.
  2. Select the file(s) from the dialog window and click Open to start the import process.
  3. Depending on the file size this can take a couple of seconds to import. Click Done to return to the file browser.

Drag and Drop Files

You can drag a file from a folder on your computer, or from your Desktop, right into Figma. This is available on both the Figma Desktop app and the Figma web app (browser-based).

You can drag and drop Files into the file browser or the Editor. Figma supports different file formats for each approach.

  1. Open the page in Figma you want to add the file to. This could be the file browser, or a specific Figma file.
  2. Locate and select the file(s) you want to import. These could be on the desktop or in a folder.
  3. Drag the file(s) over to Figma. A blue box will appear in Figma to show that your files are ready to import.
  4. Release your mouse to start the import process. Depending on the file size, this can take a couple of seconds.
  5. Once completed, click Done to return to the file browser